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Calving Season is here!

Calving season comes every year and we choose to calve in the spring. The farm is always bustling with babies and this year is no exception! While heavily into lambing, almost done, yay! We also started calving in some of the yuckiest weather this winter. Cold, snow, lots of wind. It's hard on the momma's and the babies. It means round the clock checks and getting babies in the barn or house as soon as possible depending on their needs. We've had our turbo heater on in the garage on and off with a calve in there every day since last Thursday! Throw in a few lambs and the fact we also had some piglets in the basement and we hit the trifecta! One particular calf made quite the impression, Gizmo! He was born during one of our coldest overnights and I was on duty instead of Luke! On the plus side, once warmed up and fed they all find their way back to momma! It's our responsibility to care for these animals and we do our best so they can be their best. It's all in a day's work, sun or snow!

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