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Rainy Nights and Cooler Days

This Labor Day weekend has been turbulent as far as weather goes, Kansas isn't the wettest state to begin with but this year has also been exceptionally dry, this holiday weekend however, has been threatening storms all day long everyday. Even if it isn't rainy the sky is cloudy and you can hear the thunder rumbling in the distance. over the past two night we have received a total of 3.80 inches and while that's wonderful the flooding in some areas has been crazy! luckily, we live on a hill but you can certainly see the trail of laid down grass from the water around us. The current forecast shows an 80% (or greater) chance of rain in the forecast until Thursday so we'll see what continues to come. We'll take it!

In the meantime, with the rain we've seen a drop in temperature! Yay! It's still extremely humid but humid and 80 is hundreds of times better than humid and 100! The animals are loving it and enjoying themselves and lounging about in the mud while the ducks are still swimming contently in their pool, which by the way was overflowing due to the rain water.

And ever the best little helper on the farm Maren was super excited to go check out her piggies this morning to make sure they hadn't had babies yet and also survived the thunder last night.

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