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What's for dinner?

All our beef is home grown and well care for while on the hoof. If you're looking to fill your freezer, we can help you with that.  All our beef are delivered to a local locker for processing of your choice (they will provide you cutting instructions.) You can order half or whole beef depending on what you want. If you're interested in just certain cuts or styles (ie. ground, liver, tongue) let Megan know and she's happy to assist!


Hand Poured Candles

Megan makes all of our candles by hand! They are all hand poured, all natural soy wax for longer cleaner burning. All of the scents are phthalate and nitro musk free for even the most sensitive to scents. No one enjoys a headache! They come in various sizes and scents, just email us for the most up to date list!


Not your Grocery Store Pork

Kunekune pork is know for being a "red" pork and more beef like than your average "white meat" pork of the grocery store. Kunekune are known for their marbling and flavor. We will deliver to our local locker and you get to choose the processing of your choice (the locker will get you cutting instructions.) You can order half or whole hogs.

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