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We specialize in Kunekune (pronounced cooney-cooney) pigs.  These are different than your average pig!  Kunekunes are a smaller sized pig, females averaging around 100-175lbs and males 200-250lbs. Typically Kunekunes are a little hairy and have shorter snouts. They have a calm and docile temperament that make them perfect pets if that's your goal. However, they also make for great meat if that's what you're looking for too.  Kunekunes are also pasture pigs (aka grass fed) making them very easy keepers!  They are wonderful mommas when it comes to caring for their babies and we average about 12 piglets per litter.  Currently, we have five lovely sows (Sweetie D, Porkchop, Cocoa, Bean, and Caramel) that offer a variety of colors and wattles! We generally have litters twice a year, contact us to purchase a piglet or if you have any questions!

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